July 24, 2023

6 Questions to ask before booking a wedding photographer

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Anica Hofmann

You’ve started planning your wedding and reached out to a few photographers. But how do you choose the right one?!

Here are 6 questions, you should ask a wedding photographer before you book them.

  1. Can we see a full wedding gallery

Most photographers will post their ‘best’ work on social media and their website.
It’s a good idea to check out a full wedding gallery so you know if they are able to photograph an entire wedding day.
Particularly, during a reception, at night time when they can’t rely on beautiful natural lighting. Plus, you’ll be able to get a feel for how they tell the story of a wedding day.

2. How many weddings have you photographed?

True, experience comes from the number of weddings someone has photographer not the number of years. Every wedding is different and by having a lot of experience they will be able to adapt to whatever is thrown at them.
Also, keep in mind that someone with more experience may charge more. If you prefer higher quality then see where you can make them fit into your budget.

3. Will you be the person photographing our wedding?

It is VERY important that you build a relationship with your photographer before your wedding day. They will be with you all day long! I’m sure you don’t wan to spend your special day with someone you don’t gel with.

If you are booking with a larger studio, then you might only be in contact with their sales team and not the photographer that’ll be there on the day with you. If this is the case, I would suggest having a meeting with the photographer so you can get a feel for what their personality is like and what they will be like on the day.

4. What are your back up plans?

What happens if they are sick and can’t be there on the day? Will they arrange a replacement if they can’t make it or give you a refund?

How do they backup your files during and after the wedding? They should have multiple backups like shooting to 2 cards in camera then backing up to Cloud or Hard drives.

5. Do you have insurance?

Most wedding venues require the photographer to have liability insurance. If the photographer doesn’t… I would suggest to keep looking at other options.

6. How do we book?

If you are liking what you hear and you believe you have found the right person to capture your wedding, ask them what the next steps are.

This should involve signing a contract and paying a deposit. They should also make the payment/s very clear to understand. If you want to pay in multiple instalments this is the time to ask them.

Most importantly go with your gut and what feels like the right choice for you.

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