Anica Hofmann is a Sydney based photographer but forever seeking inspiration from around the world.

Throughout her life, her love of cameras and photography led Anica to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Photography through The National Arts School. This led to her to perform in many roles.

From a very early age, she has had a passion of travelling and exploring what the world has to offer. This was coupled with Anica’s desire to capture the world through new and exciting perspectives.

This led to her realisation whilst travelling through most of continental Europe in 2016 that her true passion lay in interior and architectural photography. Seeing the Basilica De La Sagrada Familia for the first time at sunrise, opened her eyes to what architects are able to create..

She has been employed in various disciplines, including school photography, assistant and producer to Mr Anthony Basheer, an architectural and interior photographer. Anica was also assistant to food photographer, Viv D’Angelo. As a Freelance Photographer she has shot weddings, portraits and food.

Anica’s core philosophy in her art in her own words are “Whether I’m shooting food, people or a wedding, my philosophy is the same. It’s my job to be honest and discreetly capture everything as I see it. From the finer details of my clients work to documenting the pure emotion on a wedding day.”

Anica Hofmann